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GET BACK TO NATURE JUNGLE RETREAT- 6 Days with DELORIS MACNEILL, ZACC PAUL, and ALEX CORMIER in San Juan de Dios de Barú, Puntarenas, Costa Rica November 10-15, 2019

Experience the beautifully authentic and raw Costa Rica environment. Wake up to the sounds of howler monkeys. Refresh your body, mind and spirit with early morning guided visualizations and meditate to the thousand sounds of the jungle. Allow the healing green to wash over your whole being. 

Join us on forest walks and waterfall tours, awaken to adventurous excursions, hike the sunset hiking trails, dance under the stars, share in socials and a cacao ceremony prepared by the locals.  

Our mission is to raise overall well-being from the experience of pure joy and an awe of nature.

A taste of your experience * subject to minor changes

Sunday, November 10, 2019

2-5pm Arrival

6pm Welcome and grounding circle on the yoga deck - Introductions and details for the retreat

7pm Shared holistic dinner

8pm Sunset trail walk

Monday, November 11, 2019

7am Morning detox juice, body shake and meditation on the yoga deck 

8am Breakfast

9am Forest walk, waterfall tour, swim

12pm Lunch at the lodge 

1pm Adventure time

4pm Cacao ceremony

6pm Shared holistic dinner

7-8pm free time

8pm Social and dance under the jungle canopy

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

7am Morning detox juice, body shake and meditation on the yoga deck 

8am Breakfast

10am Adventure time

12pm Lunch at the lodge

1pm Guided visualization/meet your spirit guides

2pm Reflection and sharing circle

3-5pm free time

6pm Shared holistic dinner

7-8pm Sunset and hand-bagged chocolate chai tea

8pm Fire circle

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

7am Morning detox juice, body shake and meditation on the yoga deck 

8am Breakfast

9am Forest walk

12pm Lunch at the lodge

1pm Adventure time

4pm free time

6pm Shared holistic dinner

7-8pm Movie social night

Thursday, November 14, 2019

7am Morning detox juice, body shake and meditation on the yoga deck 

8am Breakfast

9am Waterfall tour (Nauyaca)

12pm Lunch at the lodge

1pm Adventure time

4pm free time

6pm Shared holistic dinner

8pm Sunset walk

Friday, November 15, 2019

8am Morning detox juice, body shake and meditation on the yoga deck 

9am Breakfast

10am Closing ceremony/reflection, sharing and integration

12pm Depart


  • Healthy holistic organic meals with Vegan/Vegetarian/Raw/Gluten-Free options
  • Daily detox juices
  • Guided meditations, reflections, and sharing circles
  • Guided hiking tours and adventure excursions
  • Socials, cacoa ceremony, farm tour
  • Eco-lodge Accommodations using eco practices with simple, elegantly rustic open-air buildings often from reclaimed wood
  • Holistic Health Coaching


  • Airfare to and from San Jose
  • Shared shuttle (however we can help you coordinate a shuttle)
  • Extra beverages at the juice and cocktail bar
  • Travel insurance

Accommodations in Nature

Priced from $1140-$1675 CAD per person (All-inclusive)

Shared Private Glamping Tent (1 Shared Double Bed) $1675 CAD per person

Shared Private Cabina (1 Shared Double Bed) $1540 CAD per person

Shared 2 Bedroom Cabina (2 rooms, 2 shared double beds) $1400 CAD per person

Shared co-ed bunkhouse (8 single beds, 2 shared double beds) $1275 CAD per person

Jungle Camping $1140 CAD per person (bring your own tent)

Full payment due upon signing up and non-refundable. 

We recommend Travel Insurance (including trip cancellation).

Please contact me at to book!


Welcome to Cascada Elysiana - a private eco-lodge & retreat center in the heart of Costa Rica with our very own 190' waterfall, private glamping tents, incredible organic and local meals, and a beautiful and serene jungle vibe.   



My world cracked open one day while sitting on a simple bench listening to the birds singing in the trees.

From that moment in time, my life has been dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the magic and intrigue of this world, getting to know myself, letting go of attachments, and dropping the need to accomplish society's goals.

A holistic health and wellness coach specializing in holistic nutrition and mindfulness, a hiker, cyclist and adventurer since an early age.




I've always had a passion for adventure, spending countless hours wandering the forests of my home island Unama'ki (Cape Breton) as a child. Coming from a First Nations background, the importance of being connected to nature has always been a guiding force.  Each and every piece of life on this earth has a lesson to teach us, from the stones deep below our feet, to the birds flying over the highest peak. 

As I grew older my horizons grew with me. My wandering turned into hunting and fishing excursions and intrigue in bushcraft drove me to become a certified survival instructor in my teenage years.  Eventually my wanderlust was not satisfied with my small island, and I spent some time travelling abroad and across Canada. Each adventure bringing new insights, new perspectives, and new friends.   

I'm excited to welcome you on this next part of our journey. An exploration of ourselves, and the connection we have with the world around us. Being one with nature fills us with a sense of joy and wonder few things can match.  Opening ourselves to the energies that surround us, feeling the ebb and flow of life, especially in beautiful places like Cascada Elysiana, can be  a powerful healing and empowering experience. 

I invite you to come bask in the sun as it filters through the leafy canopy. To feel the rush of the waters as they travel on their never ending cascade from the mountains to the sea. To hear the forest awaken with the invigorating light of the sunrise. The first leg of your next adventure just might be this one.





Since childhood I’ve spent many hours adventuring in nature and exploring new things. It wasn’t until my last year in high school, dealing with depression and social anxiety where I started to adventure into my inner world.

Feeling like I didn’t belong, that I wasn’t wanted, liked and that I wasn’t good enough was an underlying theme for a few years after high school leading me to heavy partying.

These times are where I started my journey into self-discovery. Following my adventurous heart lead me to moving away from my home town to discover myself and become the person I knew I could be.

My adventures lead me from the far east of Canada in Halifax NS all the way to Vancouver BC where I found a passion for outdoor adventures and personal development.

Now I’m following my dreams of being a Mindful Performance Coach, helping stressed out professionals and leaders break the thought patterns that hold them back from being truly happy and enjoy life’s simplicities like connecting with nature and other human beings to feel a sense of belonging and fulfilment.

Join us at Cascada Elysiana to re-connect with your inner-world and re-ignite your soul!



HOW TO GET THERE - transportation not included

Fly into Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría (SJO), Costa Rica.

You can book a shared express shuttle directly from your hotel in San José or from SJO Airport to the tiny beach town of Dominical for around $50 (3.5 hours).

Private shuttles are also available. 

​Once in Dominical, you can arrange for a taxi directly to Cascada Elysiana.  

We recommend World Nomads for travel insurance.